Episode 10: Parfums de Marly

Smell Like Louis XV’s Perfumed Court, with Parfums de Marly’s Yvan Jacqueline



About the Episode

Have you ever wondered how France became the center of the perfume world? It was thanks, in part, to Louis XV. During his reign in the 18th century, the French royal court was known for its lavish use of fragrances, giving rise to a revolution that shaped perfumery as we know it. The splendor and opulence of this era serve as the inspiration for Parfums de Marly. Yvan joined the fragrance house in its early days and worked closely with its founder, Julien Sprecher, to grow it into one of the bestselling niche brands in the world.

In this episode, Yvan sits down with Brittney Jackson Moseley, who runs integrated marketing at Scentbird. He takes us back to the time of Louis XV, tells the story of the iconic Delina collection, and reveals the fragrances that Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and other modern-day royals like to wear.


• The magical moment that started Yvan’s journey at Parfums de Marly
• Why the power of the invisible is even more important than the visible
• Using fragrance as an accessory to tap into your personality
• Traveling back to the 18th century, the birth of modern perfumery
• How Louis XV revolutionized perfumery
• Why Louis XV is known the “Adam and Eve” of the equestrian world
• The story behind the Parfums de Marly logo featuring two horses
• The fragrances that Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna wear
• Capturing old perfumery in a modern way: synthetics, naturals, and captive ingredients
• Why natural ingredients make the scent your own
• Scent Spotlight: Delina, Delina Exclusif, Delina La Rosée
• The scent for troublemakers
• Scent Spotlight: Pegasus, Layton, Haltane, Percival
• Introducing Valaya, Parfums de Marly’s latest fragrance
• Scent Connection: Perfumed Court Edition, featuring celebrity couples aka modern-day royals
• Scents for Beyoncé and Jay-Z, David and Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, and Elton John and David Furnish
• A trip to Brittany, France, to Yvan’s earliest scent memory

Featured Fragrances

Delina by Parfums de Marly
Delina Exclusif by Parfums de Marly
Delina La Rosée by Parfums de Marly
Pegasus by Parfums de Marly
Layton by Parfums de Marly
Haltane by Parfums de Marly
Percival by Parfums de Marly
Valaya by Parfums de Marly

Key Mentions

Julien Sprecher, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo), Beyoncé, Jay-Z, David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, Elton John, David Furnish

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