Episode 33: Confessions of a Rebel

Starting a Scent Revolution, with Confessions of a Rebel's Jeniece Trizzino



About the Episode

What do men's and women's top fragrances have in common? It comes down to 13 notes that are perfectly gender-fluid. This was one of the "a-ha!" moments for Scentbird while developing its very first fragrance line: Confessions of a Rebel, which launched in 2018. The team set out to push against outdated archetypes and invite raw, unfiltered self-expression that goes beyond the binary. One of the creative forces behind the brand is Jeniece Trizzino, VP of Innovation & Physical Product.

In this episode, Jeniece sits down with Brittney Jackson Moseley, who runs integrated marketing at Scentbird. She talks about what it was like to shape the brand hand in hand with customers, how Get a Room became an instant bestseller, and why she believes fragrance is the final frontier for beauty to catch up with modern society. We also step into a "Confessional Booth" where real people share their most intimate confessions involving ice cream, a bodybuilder, and even an exotic dancer.


• The story behind Confessions of a Rebel
• One of the biggest disconnects in the fragrance industry
• What do men’s and women’s top fragrances have in common?
• An “a-ha!” moment: 13 perfectly gender-fluid notes
• A big surprise when launching Get a Room & About Last Night
• Getting the fragrance names just right
• Testing the fragrances with 2,000 “tastemaker” customers
• Letting customers inform decisions, from naming to final fragrances
• Get a Room, the fragrance with “swagger”
• F*ck Mondays, with one of the best fragrance note pairings ever
• Bite Me, because strawberries are sexy
• The evolution of gender in fragrance
• Why fragrance is the “final frontier” for beauty
• How Dove and Fenty changed the game
• Why fragrance marketing often doesn’t make sense
• The Confessional Booth, where real people share their deepest confessions
• Afraid to waste perfume?
• What’s the deal with cologne?
• Rubbing wrists when applying fragrance?
• Daydreaming about… going to the hospital?
• Booking an exotic male dancer for years?
• A revelation from a bodybuilder?
• Mom gaslights son about… chocolate?
• Lying about “fat-free” ice cream?
• The biggest thing Jeniece has learned from building Confessions of a Rebel

Featured Fragrances

Get A Room by Confessions of a Rebel
F*ck Mondays by Confessions of a Rebel

Bite Me by Confessions of a Rebel

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