Episode 38: Scents of Wood

The Mystical Power of Trees, with Scents of Wood's Fabrice Croisé



About the Episode

“What’s your personal forest?” is the question Fabrice asks perfumers to kickstart the creation of a new fragrance. After building EB Florals devoted to the world of flowers, he launched Scents of Wood in 2020 as a love letter to trees. What he did next was a first in the industry: aging fragrances in wooden barrels, which brings out the notes and results in truly remarkable vintage scents.

In this episode, Fabrice sits down with Mariya Nurislamova, Scentbird’s co-founder and CEO. They explore the various woods featured in the collection, offer a practical well-being guide to forest bathing, and introduce two new scents they co-created based on neuroscience research: Calm in Cedar and Strength in Santal.


• Intro: L'Oréal and EB Florals
• Why woods?
• The Scents of Wood origin story
• The HR Manager who changed Fabrice’s life
• Early 2000s celebrity fragrance craze
• An “aha! moment”: aging fragrances in wooden barrels
• Using 100% of the fragrance
• Truly vintage scents
• The bottles: the “heart” of the forest?
• 3 different brand names
• The history of forest bathing
• How to practice forest bathing
• A unique way to brief perfumers
• “What’s your personal forest?”
• Scent Spotlight: Sandalwood in Oak, Cypress in Oak, and Orange in Chestnut
• The fragrance inspired by humans’ early scent exploration
• The fragrance a famous perfumer created for himself
• Fragrances Fabrice has been wearing lately
• Scent Connection, Woods Edition
• Are certain woods easier to work with?
• Introducing “neuroscents” from Scentbird x Scents of Wood
• Creating beauty in the world

Featured Fragrances

Sandalwood in Oak

Orange in Chestnut

Plum in Cognac

Cypress in Oak
Scentbird x Scents of Wood Scents {New!}

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