Episode 37: By Rosie Jane

How '90s LA Grunge Led to the First Clean Fragrance Brand, with Rosie Jane



About the Episode

What did Los Angeles’ grunge era smell like? Rosie Jane Johnston remembers well. After moving to the city from Sydney in the 1990s, she built a career as a celebrity makeup artist and created Leila Lou as her “calling card.” Little did she know this scent would lead her to launch By Rosie Jane in 2010 as the first clean fragrance brand. Bringing a casual, down-to-earth approach, she wants it to feel like wearing your “favorite jeans and white tee.”

In this episode, Rosie sits down with Marianne Mychaskiw, who runs communications at Scentbird. She debunks common myths about clean fragrance, reveals what makes her scents feel like a “second skin,” and tells the story behind her latest piña colada-scented fragrance.


• Rosie, the queen of clean fragrance
• Leila Lou, the “gateway drug”
• Fragrance as Rosie’s “calling card” as a makeup artist
• Timeless fragrances
• Making fragrance more casual
• Leila Lou: pear, jasmine, fresh cut grass
• Rosie’s definition of “clean”
• What did LA smell like in the ‘90s?
• What did growing up in Sydney smell like?
• Cigarettes, gasoline, and the LA grunge scene
• Life has a way of surprising you
• Dulce, inspired by the ‘90s: vanilla, woods, musk
• What makes Rosie’s fragrances feel like “second skin”
• Applying fragrance and perfume oils
• Rosie, a true skin scent: musk, sweet rose
• A look into Rosie’s creative process
• Behind the scenes of By Rosie Jane’s HQ
• How to smell like a piña colada? Missy, the new release
• The hardest fragrance to create
• Debunking 4 common clean fragrance myths
• Scent Connection: iconic women and what they smell like
• Make-A-Wish: collaborating with a very special young perfumer
• Using beauty and scent for good

Featured Fragrances

Leila Lou By Rosie Jane
Rosie By Rosie Jane

Dulce By Rosie Jane

Missy By Rosie Jane

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