Episode 23: Trixie Mattel

Trixie Mattel on her Perfume Obsession, Fragrance Q&A + Scent Recommendations



About the Episode

Trixie, the electrifying drag superstar, shatters boundaries and captivates audiences like no other. She won RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3, and since then, has been on a meteoric rise to become a cultural icon. She worked with Integrity Toys to create the “Trixie” doll, was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for her “One Night Only” comedy special, and in 2019, debuted her cosmetics company, Trixie Cosmetics.

In this episode, she sits down with Heather Hyatt, who runs social media at Scentbird. She talks about her obsession for perfume, answers questions about scent, style, and self-expression, and challenges her nose to guess common fragrance ingredients.


• One of the most powerful drag queens in America
• If you’re not sure what to wear on Halloween, wear this
• Fragrances Trixie has been wearing lately
• What Trixie Motel smells like
• First fancy cologne
• Fragrance as an accessory for performance vs. everyday life
• The perfect scented housewarming gift
• Rocky Horror & way into drag
• Trixie’s (extensive) fragrance collection
• Trixie’s (perhaps even more extensive) Barbie collection
• Why the name “Trixie” is reclaiming power
• What RuPaul’s Drag Race was like behind the scenes
• Trixie’s rise to fame
• Designing Trixie’s Cosmetics packaging to look like toys
• Trixie’s life in 3 eras & what they smelled like
• Beyond Scent: Q&A with Trixie on Fragrance, Style, & Self-Expression
• Co-worker wears too much fragrance?
• Current partner wears ex’s perfume?
• Wearing fragrance as a man?
• Want to smell like a villain?
• Fragrance as character building?
• Breaking gender norms in your everyday style?
• Mystery Scents: Can Trixie challenge her nose to guess these fragrance ingredients?
• What’s next for Trixie

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