Episode 31: Phlur

Chriselle Lim on Phlur’s Viral Scents & Her Love for Skin Musks



About the Episode

Chriselle started as an OG fashion influencer. In 2021, she took over Phlur during a divorce and used fragrance to create what some call her “breakup album.” The result? A collection that’s as personal as it gets, capturing a whirlwind of emotions as she embarked on a new life chapter.

In this episode, Chriselle sits down with Marianne Mychaskiw, who runs communications at Scentbird. We explore the power of scent in tough times, why skin musks are here to stay, and the story behind her viral fragrance, Missing Person, which drew a waitlist of 200,000 before it even dropped.


• How Chriselle pairs her outfits with scent
• “I understood the power of fragrance”
• A glimpse into Chriselle’s YouTube channel
• The vulnerability behind Missing Person
• TikTok’s reaction to Missing Person
• It smells like skin (and that’s the point)
• The fragrance to wear… at the gym?
• Father Figure, Phlur’s first green fragrance
• Embracing the masculine and the feminine
• What makes Phlur so relatable
• Chriselle’s favorite campaign
• Not Your Baby, inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer in “Scarface”
• “I don’t want a man in my life but I still want to feel sexy”
• She’s sweet but she’s sassy
• Mood Ring, a happy floral scent
• A nod to 90s fun times
• Phlur’s early pioneering in clean fragrance
• Building Phlur for a new generation
• Beyond Scent: Scent + Style Q&A
• Why skin musks are here to stay
• Chriselle’s least favorite fragrance note
• Fragrances Chriselle and Marianne would leave behind
• What Chriselle wears on a regular day vs. Fashion Week
• Chriselle’s favorite fragrances (outside of Phlur)
• How to find your sense of style
• “In my 40s and afraid to show up as myself”
• Scent Connection: Moods Edition
• Raising daughters who are emotionally aware

Featured Fragrances

Missing Person by Phlur
Father Figure by Phlur

Not Your Baby by Phlur

Mood Ring by Phlur

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