[Bonus] Episode 39: Fragrance Trends

Beyoncé, Paris, & Britney Fragrances are Having a Moment, with @paulreactss



About the Episode

From the early 2000s to today, celebrity fragrances have played a major role in pop culture, capturing the essence of our favorite stars in a bottle. Whether it's the nostalgia of a classic or the excitement of a new release, these scents have become legendary in their own right.

Kicking off our bonus “Having a Moment” series, where we bring you the latest fragrance trends, TikTok sensation @paulreactss returns with Scentbird’s Marianne Mychaskiw. They reminisce about the most iconic celebrity fragrances of our time, from Paris Hilton to Ariana Grande, and react to Beyoncé’s new release, Cé Noir.


• Heiress by Paris Hilton
• Rosé Rush by Paris Hilton
Curious by Britney Spears
• Ari by Ariana Grande
• Cloud by Ariana Grande
• Moonlight by Ariana Grande
• Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian
• Nude Soleil by KKW Fragrance
• Cé Noir by Beyoncé
• Pulse by Beyoncé
• Heat by Beyoncé
• Fame Monster by Lady Gaga
• Paul: “Fragrance has given me a confidence I didn’t have”

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