Episode 29: Alaska Thunderf–k

Alaska Thunderf–k on Her Sexy New Fragrance & Favorite '90s Scents



About the Episode

Alaska, a standout star from RuPaul’s Drag Race, made waves in the episode “Scent of a Woman.” There, she won the fragrance commercial challenge with her vision for Red For Filth. Fast forward over a decade, and she has just launched it as an actual fragrance that’s 100% vegan and “unisexual non-binary.” It’s edgy and perfect for a night out, mixing lilac and leather with a twist of something controversial.

In this episode, Alaska sits down with Marianne Mychaskiw, who runs communications at Scentbird. She talks about developing her fragrance, reacts to iconic '90s scents, and explores how the art of drag influences beauty and culture.


• Alaska’s signature scent (hint: it’s not a fragrance)
• Favorite fragrances growing up
• How Red For Filth was born on Drag Race
• The controversial note
• The Alaska symbol
• Unisexual and non-binary
• Tap or no tap when applying fragrance?
• The smell that Alaska hates, hates, hates
• What does RuPaul smell like?
• The drag star who “bathes” in Alien by Mugler
• Smelling old perfumes at her grandma’s house
• Wearing candy with Jessica Simpson
• What it means to be a legend
• Alaska’s first drag show
• The scariest Drag Race challenge
• Is Alaska an extraterrestrial being?
• From introverted to superstar
• Why this San Francisco LGBTQIA+ bar is so important
• Beauty trends that started with drag
• Popular language that started with drag
• “‘Reading’ is the real art form of insults”
• Scent Connection: Iconic ‘90s Scents Edition
• Alaska reacts to classic (and some modern) scents
• “This fragrance is my jam!”
• “Smells like chocolate-drizzled strawberries in a hotel suite”
• Alaska is not a fan of this one
• A note of… freesia?
• Reflecting on the impact of her work

Featured Fragrances

Red For Filth by Alaska Thunderf–k

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