Episode 2: Suganami

Blend Luxury and Sustainability, with Stephanie Shepherd




About the Episode

Steph first came into the limelight as the Chief Operating Officer of Kardashian West Brands. She now serves as the Chief Impact Officer of Plus, a biodegradable body wash brand, and co-founded Future Earth, a climate education platform. In partnership with Snif, Steph launched her own genderless fragrance housed in 100% compostable packaging and named Suganami as an homage to her Japanese last name. It’s her signature scent, blending natural, woody iris with hints of incense, myrrh, and amber and finishing with cypress and bright spices like angelica seed and pink pepper.

In this episode, Steph sits down with Marianne Mychaskiw, who runs communications at Scentbird. She takes us back early scent memories growing up in Ohio, why she has always been very specific about fragrance, and how to blend luxury lifestyle and conscious consumerism in your everyday life.


• Evolving from Kim Kardashian’s assistant to COO of Kardashian West Brands
• Meeting Karl Lagerfeld, a “pinch-me, is this real?” moment
• What it felt like to start a new career chapter
• Juniper Breeze and first scent explorations
• Growing up with a “charmed childhood” in Ohio
• Reflecting on her mother’s influence on self-expression
• Scent Spotlight: Suganami, Steph's new fragrance in partnership with Snif
• Paying homage to her Japanese last name
• Scent likes, dislikes, and the best-smelling person Steph has ever met
• Breaking gender norms in style and scent
• How you can express yourself more authentically
• The change Steph would like to see through Future Earth
• Steps anyone can take to live a more sustainable life
• Scent Connection, Glam Occasions Edition
• Advice for those looking to embark on a similar career path

Featured Fragrance

Suganami by Snif

Key Mentions

Environmental Working Group (EWG), Snif, Kris Jenner

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