Episode 21: Kayali

Mona Kattan on Newest Kayali Collection, Perfume Layering & Entrepreneurship



About the Episode

Mona introduced the world to Middle Eastern scent layering. She came into the limelight as the co-founder of Huda Beauty, and in 2018, founded Kayali, which translates to “my imagination” in Arabic. Propelled by the wildly popular fragrance Vanilla 28, the brand is known for its decadent, luxurious gourmands that demonstrate Mona’s belief that “perfume is pleasure.”

In this episode, she sits down with Marianne Mychaskiw, who runs communications at Scentbird. She recommends fragrances from her 4,000+ bottle personal library, shares tips like favorite layering combinations, and reveals her newest collection: Oudgasm, an invitation to lean into oud.


• Mona’s recent wedding and inspiration for The Wedding Collection
• The first fragrance Mona ever wore
• Mona’s 4,000+ bottle fragrance collection: can she beat the world record?
• Best-kept secrets: Mona’s favorite niche fragrance brands
• Mona, the Queen of Layering, shares her favorite scent combinations
• A recommendation for a Middle Eastern brand you may not know about
• Surprises from launching Kayali fragrances around the world
• Mona’s entrepreneurial journey, from PR to hair salon owner to founder
• Fragrance Tips & Tricks: how to apply, layer, and store your fragrances
• Fragrance Tips & Tricks: how to build your fragrance collection
• Fragrance Tips & Tricks: reading top, mid, and base notes
• Scent Spotlight: Vanilla 28, Yum Pistachio Gelato, Eden Juicy Apple, and the (new!) Oudgasm collection
• The perfect layer topper
• How many mods does it take to create the perfect Kayali fragrance?
• The scent inspired by Middle Eastern desserts
• Working with Olivier Cresp, Master Perfumer and father of modern gourmand fragrances
• Mona reveals the newest Kayali collection: Oudgasm, featuring 4 fragrances
• Take scentscaping to the next level, with perfumed oud wood chips known as “bakhoor”
• How to start experimenting with oud scents
• Why oud is referred to as “liquid gold” in the fragrance industry
• Scent Connection: Arabian Royalty Edition, with perfume layering ideas for various occasions
• Mona reflects on lessons learned building Kayali and shares why we need more women decision makers in the beauty industry
• Mona’s advice for women who dream of building a beauty brand

Featured Fragrances

Vanilla 28 by Kayali
Yum Pistachio Gelato by Kayali

Eden Juicy Apple by Kayali

Oudgasm Collection by Kayali (New!)

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