Episode 25: Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe on Holiday Scenting, Gifting, & Matching Style to Fragrance



About the Episode

Rachel rose to fame as Hollywood’s most influential stylist, known for creating the “boho rocker chic” look inspired by the 60s and 70s. Working with A-listers like Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Lawrence, she became synonymous with everyday glamour. She thinks fragrance is the finishing touch to any outfit and draws on different types of women to bring the Rachel Zoe collection to life.

In this episode, Rachel sits down with Heather Hyatt, who runs social media at Scentbird. She reveals her most memorable scents, answers questions about fashion and fragrance, and shares recommendations for holiday scenting and gifting.


• Rachel’s newest fragrances: Invincible & Wild
• What it’s like to create fragrances
• Memorable fragrances throughout life
• The first fragrance Rachel ever wore
• Rachel’s favorite fragrance from her collection
• What does it mean to be a Warrior woman?
• Styling for the Warrior woman
• The story behind the Rachel Zoe collection
• How Rachel likes to wear fragrance
• How to wear the collection day to day
• What the Empowered woman smells like
• Women’s greatest asset
• Being a mom of boys
• Beyond Scent: Q&A with Rachel on Fragrance, Style, & Fashion
• Why Rachel doesn’t layer fragrances
• Dos and don’ts for matching style to fragrance
• Choosing your scent before leaving the house
• Versatile wardrobe pieces every woman should own
• Scenting your home for the holidays
• Dos and don’ts for holiday gifting
• Scent Connection: Milestones Edition
• What Rachel’s first date with her now husband smelled like

Featured Fragrances

Warrior by Rachel Zoe
Empowered by Rachel Zoe

Fearless by Rachel Zoe

Instinct by Rachel Zoe

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