Episode 32: @paulreactss

TikTok Star @paulreactss on His Favorite Affordable Fragrances



About the Episode

With 1.4 million followers, Paul Fino (@paulreactss) is one of the best-known content creators on #PerfumeTok. He has a keen eye for finding hidden gems and helping his audience discover affordable scents that don’t compromise on quality. In 2023, he fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams: creating his own fragrance, Miss Girl, in partnership with Oakcha.

In this episode, Paul sits down with Marianne Mychaskiw, who runs communications at Scentbird. He talks about Nicki Minaj sparking his love for perfume, building a collection of 600+ fragrances on a budget, and layering as a door to a new dimension. Together he and Marianne explore 18 affordable fragrances including classic, artisan, and even viral KFC and Winnie the Pooh scents.


• Highlights from Paul’s TikTok
• Fragrances don’t have to break the bank
Miss Girl, Paul’s fragrance in partnership with Oakcha
Champagne Toast by Bath & Body Works
• An unexpected Hawaii-inspired pick
Vacation by Vacation
Florist by Ellis Brooklyn
• How layering gives you a new dimension in fragrance
Nostalgia by Ourside
• Why Discovery Kits are worth it
• Scent is like art
Dulce by By Rosie Jane
• How Paul built a fragrance collection on a budget
• Budget perfume hacks: resale & bottle swaps
• Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj, the first fragrance Paul ever bought
• Pink Friday 2, a businesswoman on her way to a multimillion-dollar deal
• Cé Noir by Beyoncé: is it worth the high price?
• Honeypot by Winnie the Pooh
• Eau D’uardo by KFC: will you smell like fried chicken?
Bitch, Please by Confessions of a Rebel
Cherry Punk by Room 1015
Malayan Tiger by Sanctuary
Lucia by Tocca
• Paul reacts to his old viral videos
• Video Reaction: A trip to Bath & Body Works
• Video Reaction: On Jimmy Kimmel with Miley Cyrus
• Video Reaction: Massive deals at T.J.Maxx
• Paul reflects on his journey

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