Episode 26: The House of Creed

Inside Creed, One of the World's Oldest Perfume Houses, with Luis Cavallo



About the Episode

Creed is one of the oldest perfume brands in the world. Founded in 1760 as a tailoring house, it has spanned seven generations of perfumers, making it a truly legendary name in fragrance. They first became known for creating bespoke scents for royals and dignitaries. Today, they carry on their legacy with handmade craftsmanship and rare ingredients that culminate into timeless fragrances like Aventus, Carmina, and Love in White.

In this episode, Luis sits down with Brittney Jackson Moseley, who runs integrated marketing at Scentbird. He goes deep into Creed’s history, shares an inside look at their artisanal process, and reveals the most expensive ingredient in fragrance.


• Luis’s day-to-day as Creed’s Brand Ambassador
• Creed’s 1760 founding: “We never started out as perfumers”
• Moving from London to Paris in 1854 and why it was a big deal for fashion
• The royal beginnings and earliest bespoke fragrances
• A quick visit to Creed’s flagship store in Paris
• Niche fragrance isn’t just about high price
• The art of millésime, from seed to bottle
• Why it can take 5+ years to make a Creed fragrance
• Manual craftsmanship and operating in two speeds: “slow” and “stop”
• Do you know the most expensive ingredient in fragrance?
• “Each ingredient brings a little bit of where they’re from”
• When is a fragrance ready?
• “Nature can be a little dirty”
• The inspiration for Carmina, Creed’s newest fragrance
• Why fragrance has no borders
• Scent Spotlight: Aventus, Aventus For Her, Love in White, and Millésime Impérial
• The name “Aventus” and how it became such a hit fragrance
• The surprising note in Aventus that went against the grain
• What makes a fragrance sexy?
• The touch on the Aventus bottle paying homage to Creed’s tailoring roots
• The peach note in Aventus For Her that makes it delicious
• Why Love in White is the perfect wedding fragrance
• The fragrance for palace life, with the world’s most expensive ingredient
• Scent Connection: Occasions Edition
• Life without fragrance is like living in a black-and-white movie

Featured Fragrances

Carmina by Creed
Aventus by Creed

Aventus For Her by Creed

Love in White by Creed

Millésime Impérial by Creed

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