Episode 12: ARQUISTE

Travel to Distant Worlds, with ARQUISTE's Carlos Huber



About the Episode

Think of a place and time in history and imagine what it smelled like. This has been the source of inspiration for Carlos: tapping into scent to unlock the past. His work as a fragrance developer includes the signature scent for St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, the nostagia-infused Vacation sunscreens, and the first fine fragrance for J.Crew. With ARQUISTE, he channels his background in architecture and historic preservation to create time capsule experiences in collaboration with perfumers Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Yann Vasnier.

In this episode, Carlos sits down with Brittney Jackson Moseley, who runs integrated marketing at Scentbird. He talks about the magic of baby cologne and tells the story of how pachouli became the scent of outcasts. Together they explore destinations around the world through hundreds of years, from 16th century Japan to 17th century Mexico.


• Discovering architecture, from Mexico City and beyond
• What historic preservation and fragrance have in common
• Where wanderlust took Carlos around the world
• The magic of New York for perfumery
• Fragrance ingredients native to Mexico: tuberose, frangipani, marigold, acacia
• Grooming rituals and the first love for fragrance
• Scent as a time capsule
• Writing fragrance briefs as in-depth academic essays
• What it felt like to smell the first-ever modifications
• Why Americans are missing out on baby cologne
• How the best fragrances are made
• Scent Spotlight: Misfit, Nanban, and Sydney Rock Pool
• The fragrance Rodrigo Flores-Roux made for Carlos
• Why pachouli is a bit of an accident to our noses
• The fragrance ingredients that “barbarians” brought to Japan
• The summer scent that captures a day at the beach
• Scent Connection, Distant Worlds Edition
• What do these cities smell like? St. Petersburg, Paris, Acapulco, and Calabria
• Why beauty is tied to meaning

Featured Fragrances

Misfit by ARQUISTE
Sydney Rock Pool by ARQUISTE
Nanban by ARQUISTE

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