Episode 24: Malin+Goetz

Malin+Goetz's New Twist on Classic Scents, with Matthew Malin & Andrew Goetz



About the Episode

What does a simple skincare routine look like? At a time when skincare was becoming more and more complicated, Matthew and Andrew went a different direction: less, but better. They started Malin+Goetz in 2004 with just six essential products that worked for all skin types, tones, and genders. Today, fragrance is the brand’s fastest-growing category, with two collections that create a sense of balance: “the (un)florals” and “the vices.”

In this episode, Matthew and Andrew sit down with Brittney Jackson Moseley, who runs integrated marketing at Scentbird. They talk about the bridge between perfumery and apothecary, take us back to their first Chelsea store, and reveal how they’ve put a new twist on scents like tomato, rum, and cannabis.


• The core essence of Malin+Goetz
• What does a modern apothecary feel like?
• Skincare 20 years ago vs. now
• Why they never felt they had to jump on the “clean” trend
• Malin+Goetz’s very first day in business
• A trip back to the original Chelsea store
• What New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood felt like in the early 2000s
• Memorable smells: Paco Rabanne, roasted chicken, and makeup
• Expanding into fragrance, with a nudge from Michel Mane
• How do you put a modern spin on classic scents?
• Capturing the essence of tomatoes, from the plant to the fruit
• Matthew and Andrew’s 30-year+ partnership in business and life
• The expression of balance, a sense of yin and yang
• Turning strawberry, leather, and rose into scents
• What gender-neutral leather smells like
• Why rose is so common in apothecary
• Scent Spotlight: Vetiver, Strawberry, Cannabis, and Dark Rum
• Gender-neutral florals that celebrate more than just the flower
• Mexico, mojitos, and the creation of Dark Rum
• Amsterdam, cannabis, and why “it’s fun to be a little naughty”
• Scent Connection: Favorites Edition
• Matthew and Andrew guess each other’s favorite (and least favorite) smell

Featured Fragrances

Vetiver by Malin+Goetz
Strawberry by Malin+Goetz
Cannabis by Malin+Goetz
Dark Rum by Malin+Goetz

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