Episode 30: DedCool

Building DedCool into a Gen-Z Fragrance Sensation, with Carina Chaz



About the Episode

Carina created her first fragrance at 13 and launched her brand, DedCool, at 21. The first 1,000 bottles sold out instantly and before long, it was featured on the shelves of major retailers like Barneys and Sephora. DedCool’s scents challenge traditional norms, with a genderless, vegan, and non-toxic line that includes hits like Xtra Milk and Red Dakota.

In this episode, Carina sits down with Heather Hyatt, who runs social media at Scentbird. She takes us behind the scenes of DedCool, reveals the “secret sauce” found in all their fragrances, and explores how the brand is a reflection of her coming-of-age story.


• A quick intro from Heather
• Why Carina wasn’t allowed to experience traditional fragrance
• Growing up as the daughter of a formulator
• “I was stuck wearing essential oils”
• Exploring nature and the power of plants
• Feeling not quite a “girly girl” or “tom boy”
• Is DedCool in the women’s or men’s department?
• A Quick Guide to Carina’s Favorite Essential Oils
• Carina didn’t love citrus… until she experienced this note
• Collabs: Starface and Ouai
• Starting DedCool at age 21
• Scent Spotlight: Xtra Milk, Madonna Lilly, Red Dakota, and Fragrance 01 “Taunt”
• The “secret sauce” found in all DedCool fragrances
• The first 1,000 bottles that sold out instantly
• The scent to try when you’re not sure what to wear
• True or false: DedCool uses water in fragrances
• The fragrance that went viral on TikTok
• The first fragrance Carina ever made
• A fresh take on vanilla
• Wearing fragrance to sleep?
• Scent Connection: Coming of Age Edition
• Creating a fragrance as a 13-year-old
• The first Instagram “vibes” page
• When Nasty Gal reached out
• Why Carina connected so deeply with fragrance

Featured Fragrances

Xtra Milk by DedCool
Red Dakota by DedCool

Madonna Lilly by DedCool

Fragrance 01 “Taunt” by DedCool

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