Episode 14: Veronique Gabai

Cultivate Joy, from the French Riviera to Le Point G, with Veronique Gabai



About the Episode

Along the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean, the Côte d'Azur exudes an irresistible aura of sensuality. This timeless stretch of coastal paradise, often referred to as the French Riviera, is where Veronique spent her childhood. Now she captures the richness of the region into scents that spark joy and remind us to add beauty to everyday life.

In this episode, Veronique sits down with Brittney Jackson Moseley, who runs integrated marketing at Scentbird. She opens up about what it took to start her own brand after a career at the helm of L'Oréal, Vera Wang, and Estée Lauder. We uncover the essence of her perfumes: a souvenir from Tunisia, a rose that can only be harvested for thirty days a year, and a sensation of pleasure through the G-spot.


• The love of life in the Mediterranean, from the markets to the cafes
• How to make any moment of life more joyful
• Overcoming the fear of becoming an entrepreneur
• “I was not growing any more as an individual”
• At L'Oréal, falling in love with fragrance as a career
• The night Veronique was offered the chance to train with perfumers
• Working on Acqua di Gio, which propelled Giorgio Armani into fragrance
• Building a brand that taps into emotional connection
• Why our sense of smell is so instinctive
• Luxury is not about being “rare” or “distant”
• The aura of Veronique Gabai fragrances
• Generosity in action: ethical sourcing and respecting nature
• Very few companies are 100% sustainable
• Growing up in Antibes, surrounded by beauty
• “My mother was an independent woman at a time when that was difficult”
• Parents were Jewish and had to hide during the war: hunger, fear, and flight
• Loving life and loving people
• Scent Spotlight: La Point G, Souvenirs de Tunisie, Noire de Mai, Sexy Garrigue, and Sur la Plage
• The scent that pays homage to women: curves, pleasure, and the G-spot
• Why women’s pleasure is not like what we see in the movies
• The orange blossom that connects Tunisia and France
• The rose centifolia that can only be harvested early mornings in May
• What a Mediterranean forest feels like
• The scent that captures the sensation of a day on the beach
• Scent Connection, Côte d'Azur Edition
• The smell of pleasure (and womanhood)
• Why you shouldn’t wear fragrance for others

Featured Fragrances

La Point G by Veronique Gabai
Souvenirs de Tunisie by Veronique Gabai
Noire de Mai by Veronique Gabai
Sexy Garrigue by Veronique Gabai
Sur la Plage by Veronique Gabai

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