Episode 15: The Perfumer's Story

Translate Your Personality DNA into Fragrance, with Azzi Glasser, the Celebrity Perfumer



About the Episode

Azzi is known as the perfumer for the world’s biggest celebrities. Her creations help Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom get into character for movie roles and serve as personal fragrances for Kylie Minogue and Cindy Crawford. Her bespoke work starts at £15,000, but for the first time, she is making her scents more widely available with a limited-edition collection launching on Scentbird in October 2023.

In this episode, Azzi sits down with Mariya Nurislamova, Scentbird’s co-founder and CEO. She takes us behind the scenes of what it’s like to work with iconic stars to develop their scents. She talks about launching the Agent Provocateur fragrance back in the early 2000s, how she bottled the smell of rain on earth, and a tip to increase your pheromones.


• The celebrity that calls Azzi a “white witch”
• A behind-the-scenes look into bespoke perfumery for celebrities
• What Johnny Depp is like one on one
• The “stinky” fragrance that helped Helena Bonham Carter get into character
• The fragrance that helped Johnny Depp play a 200-year-old vampire in a Tim Burton movie
• The surprising scent for Helena Bonham Carter to play Miss Havisham in “Great Expectations”
• How Azzi approaches scent creation (hint: it’s not through fragrance families)
• The fragrance based on poisonous flowers
• Does Azzi have psychic powers?
• Why creating a bespoke perfume for Cindy Crawford was a challenge
• Blood, sweat, and fecal matter: the fragrance for Jude Law to play Henry VIII
• Early scent memories: England, India, and the smell of rain on earth
• The opposite of trendy: bringing the Agent Provocateur fragrance to life
• Azzi's all-time favorite scent notes (and combinations)
• The intimate dinner at Kylie Minogue’s house
• The celebrity that motivated Azzi to start her own brand
• The story behind The Perfumer’s Story
• Bringing heritage and edginess to the brand’s design
• Why it’s hard to find a perfume that truly matches you
• Scent Spotlight: Sequoia Wood, Twisted Iris, and Amber Molecule
• “People stop me on the streets to ask what this scent is…”
• The packaging and why you’ll want to keep it forever
• The fragrance for fun-loving, bohemian, and eccentric people
• Azzi’s tips for wearing fragrance: spots, sweat, and pheromones
• How to smell like Kaia Jordan Gerber
• The scent Azzi used to wear for bedtime stories to her kids
• Scent Connection, All-Time Favorites Edition
• The scent that Benedict Cumberbatch loves: “it tells a thousand stories”
• What’s next for Azzi

Featured Fragrances

Sequoia Wood
Twisted Iris

Amber Molecule

Old Books

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