Episode 17: Homesick

Cherish Meaningful Memories, with Homesick's Lauren McCord



About the Episode

What would Endor, the moon in Star Wars, smell like? How about Central Perk, the coffee house in Friends? Questions like these start the creative process at Homesick, a home fragrance brand with a knack for capturing places and moments. Whether it’s your favorite series, college town, or even wedding celebration, they know how to evoke a memory that transports you there.

In this episode, Lauren sits down with Heather Hyatt, who runs social media at Scentbird. She tells the story behind their cult-classic Star Wars and Friends collections. She shares a method for crowdsourcing nostalgia, techniques for making candles last longer, and scent recommendations for popular zodiac signs.

Go to the Scentbird Horoscope Page for curated scent picks for your zodiac sign.


• Heather’s connection to Homesick during college
• The Homesick origin story: Florida, Georgia, and Texas
• Crowdsourcing ideas to make candles feel authentic
• The surprising finishing touch in the Chicago candle
• Doughnuts and coffee... in a candle? (The Dunkin’ collaboration)
• Lauren’s earliest scent memories: snow days and the smell of gasoline
• Why the Boston candle has a special meaning for Lauren
• Grapefruit, black pepper, and cinnamon
• Candle care: how to get the most out of your candles
• Music, moodboards, and candles are made at Homesick
• Deciding what to use for top, mid, and base notes
• Scenting bridal shops and weddings
• Scent Spotlight: Let’s Toast, Gone Hiking, New York City, Central Perk, and Star Wars
• How Let’s Toast helped Lauren manifest her own engagement
• The smell of concrete and department stores
• The smell of Central Perk, the coffee house in Friends
• What it was like to collaborate with Lucasfilm
• The smell of iconic Star Wars locations: Tatooine, Endor, and the Death Star
• A special treat: Heather does a Chewbacca impression
• Scent Connection, Zodiac Edition
• Scent notes for zodiac signs

Featured Candles

Let’s Toast by Homesick
Gone Hiking by Homesick

New York City by Homesick

Friends Central Perk by Homesick

The Star Wars Collection by Homesick

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