Episode 16 (Bonus): Sue Phillips

Bonus Episode: Learn the Early History of Perfume as a Ritual, with Sue Phillips



About the Episode

The root of the word “perfume," Ancient Egyptian perfume rituals, and the use of galbanum in the 13th century, with Sue Phillips, who carved her space in the industry as a "scentrepreneur.” It’s a term she coined to describe her work developing fragrances for luxury brands like Tiffany & Co., Lancome, and Burberry, and celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes.

In this “Summer School” special bonus episode, Sue sits down with Brittney Jackson Moseley, who runs integrated marketing at Scentbird. She shares the early history of perfume as a ritual, the story of bringing Tiffany’s first fragrance to life, and how men can break free old-time scent preferences.


• The root of the word “perfume”
• Ancient Egyptian perfume rituals
• The use of galbanum in the 13th century
• Why Grasse became fertile ground for perfumery
• How Sue’s love of fragrance began
• The accident that led to an “aha!” moment
• Ambient scenting and why it works
• The story behind Tiffany’s anniversary fragrance
• Working with perfumer Jacques Polge
• Finding a fragrance that suits you
• Understanding fragrance families
• Keeping a pulse on what’s new in fragrance
• Ever been invited to an immersive scent dinner?
• Training your nose and uncovering your scent preferences
• “Not all roses are the same”
• Scent Spotlight: Fresh, Floral, Woodsy, Spicy, and Fruity
• Men can love florals, too
• Why so many people love vanilla
• Sue’s book: “The Power of Perfume”

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