[Bonus] Episode 34: Scent World Live

"Scented Secrets" and "Perfume Pictionary" with Fragrance Founders, Live from NYC



About the Episode

In celebration of Scentbird’s 10th anniversary, we bring together a group of forward-thinking fragrance founders for our first Scent World Live.

This bonus episode is split into two parts hosted in New York City by Brittney Jackson Moseley, who runs integrated marketing at Scentbird.

In Part 1, we feature David Moltz (D.S. & Durga), Vicken Arslanian (Commodity), Malaika Jones (Brown Girl Jane) and Fabrice Croisé (Scents of Wood). In Part 2, we feature Ingrid Nilsen (The New Savant), Bernardo Möller (House of Bō), Ulrich Lang (Ulrich Lang), and Lev Glazman (The Maker).

They bring us into their world, play games we call Scented Secrets and Perfume Pictionary, and answer questions from the audience.

Part 1 Highlights

• Opening words from Scentbird’s Chief Marketing Officer, Elena Lécué
• A brief intro from Brittney and the founders
• Creating a scent that smells like the inside of a star
• Nature and well-being rituals
• Layering to evoke different moods or emotions
• Vicken bought Commodity… without ever smelling any of the fragrances?
• Scented Secrets: Can the founders guess each other’s taboo inspirations?
• Inspiration from soca music
• Inspiration from skunk and elk!?
• The smell of welding metal
• The smell of a trashy NYC nightclub
• A preview of upcoming launches
• D.S. & Durga: Let’s Dive, diving into the deep ocean with whales
• Brown Girl Jane: Carnivale, launching March 21st
• Neuroscents from Scents of Wood: Calm in Cedar & Strength in Santal
• Change the founders want to see in the fragrance industry

Part 2 Highlights

• A brief intro from Brittney and the founders
• A candle that smells like steamed rice
• A scent that pays homage to Bernardo’s father
• Capturing the smell of a warm hug
• The story behind Fresh’s Cannabis Santal, inspired by sensual intimacy
• The smell of sparkling soda
• Joy and the smell of overripe peach
• House of Bō’s first gourmand
• Pairing tuberose with peach
• Perfume Pictionary: Can the founders create a story for random fragrances?
• The fragrance to pair with a great cocktail
• Ingrid takes us on a spontaneous, deeply immersive scent story
• Spray this fragrance by a crackling fireplace
• Fragrances they’d pack to bring on vacation
• The founders’ favorite places to create new fragrances

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